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    Loved by commuters. Loved by delivery riders. Loved by explorers. Loved by experts. 

    We put our riders at the center of what we do and have spent years refining the WAU X bike based on direct feedback to create a brand new generation of smart electric bike that is packed with tech and an effortless joy to ride. 

    See what people are saying about WAU X.

    Buy it if…

    You want an e-bike for your commute and beyond

    You can venture further on your weekend adventures – just invest in the gel padded seat first.

    You want slick design

    The streamlined profile and iconic lights make this bike stylish and understated.

    You're security conscious

    If you’re commuting into the city, the added alarm and geo-fence features will give you extra peace of mind.

    Electric Bikes for West Yorkshire Police

    “Working in partnership with the Wetherby and Harewood Councillors, officers at Wetherby Police Station have taken delivery of 2 electric bikes. These are a fantastic resource allowing officers to be visible and contactable in the community.”


    Nottinghamshire Police get electric bikes

    London Eats asks whether WAU X is the best bike for Uber Eats deliveries

    Electroheads reviews WAU X

    "This is the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike."


    "Amazing value. Great features. Best ebike on the market."

    Verified customer review

    “Fantastic value for money.”

    One Less Car (YouTube)

    “I feel extremely safe going at high speed, especially with the front and rear lights. Rear lights are definitely one of the conversation starter with many other cyclists on the road.”