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    Shipping & Payments

    How quickly do you deliver?

    UK: Standard 7-10 working days

    EU: 10-14 working days

    US: 10-14 working days

    How much does shipping cost?

    UK - £59 (Standard Shipping)

    EU - €180

    US - $275 (USD)

    Do you deliver outside of the UK?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! WAU is now completely global so you can order to anywhere in the world 🚚🌍

    Why do different reviews list different prices?

    We run promotions from time to time which means reviewers may have paid a lower price. Many WAU reviews are from several years ago meaning their price may not be up to date. You can find our current prices here.

    I saw a third party website selling a WAU bike at a heavily discounted price - is this legitimate?

    Please be cautious when it comes to third party sellers. If you are unsure whether a retailer is trustworthy, always check with our team before purchasing. It’s possible that the bike in question has been stolen. We are not able to provide assistance should you buy a stolen WAU product.

    My order didn’t go through, but I can see a pending payment on my bank account?

    This is classed as a 'Pending Transaction' in your account. You will need to contact your bank in regards to their process for this.

    I already have an e-bike - can I buy WAU rear lights?

    Our patterned SuperLights are fully integrated into the WAU X frame and are not sold separately.

    This bike was given to me as a gift, how do I set up the GPS?

    Please get the original owner to contact us regarding change of ownership and we’ll be able to provide technical support.

    Do I need to pay to use the GPS tracking feature?

    All users will have full access to the tracking platform for life. However, you are required to purchase your own data plan, which costs approximately £7-£10 per annum.

    Does my WAU X bike come already assembled?

    Yes - your WAU X bike will be delivered already assembled with the most up-to-date software pre-installed. All you need to do is remove your bike from the packaging, secure the handlebars and attach the pedals and front wheel. You’ll find your personal toolkit and WAU installation guide inside the box with your e-bike.

    Do you offer finance? How does it work?

    We have several finance options: Klarna, Paypal Credit, Splitit & DivideBuy.

    The exact monthly payment amount is dependent on the number of months you wish to split your payment across, and the cost of your order. Your monthly repayments will be automatically calculated at the checkout when you select your finance method. 

    Do you offer discounts for students/NHS workers/couriers?

    We currently do not offer discount codes for students, NHS workers or couriers. However, we do run regular promotions which can be enjoyed by any customer - follow our social media pages for updates.

    I bought the bike before a promotional offer, can I have the value refunded?

    If you have purcahsed before a sale/promotion goes live we cannot refund the value.

    Cycle to Work Schemes

    Which Cycle to Work scheme are you part of?

    Please click here to view our Cycle to Work scheme partners. Different schemes have different application processes. Please check your preferred scheme’s official website for more detailed information.

    My employer’s Cycle to Work scheme has a price limit - can I make up the difference myself?

    Yes, no problem at all!

    Please get in touch with the WAU team when you receive your Cycle to Work scheme voucher.

    How do I sign up?

    To take part, your employer must be registered with a scheme. Then you can select a package that suits your needs (just a bike, bike plus accessories etc) and fill out a form on your scheme provider’s website. Once your employer approves your request you’ll receive a voucher that can be used to purchase your new WAU.

    How do I get a quote?

    The Cycle to Work scheme’s official website has a calculator you can use to work out the cost and savings of participating. Find it here.

    WAU Bike Performance

    Where can I find detailed product specifications?

    A list of full WAU X Plus bike product specs can be found here.

    Can the battery be removed?

    Yes. The battery can easily be removed and reattached for quick charging on the go.

    How long will the power cell last?

    The WAU X Plus bike power cell has an approximate lifespan of 2-3 years, or up to 800 charge cycles. If your power pack starts to show a drop in mileage, you can easily order a new replacement cell from our website.

    How far can my WAU X plus bike go on one charge?

    The WAU X plus comes in two range options. 

    375h – have a range of 20 miles (full power mode) – 40 miles (economy mode).

    900Wh – have a range of 50 miles (full power mode) – 100 miles (economy mode)

    *Maximum range is under normal conditions: soft wind, flat road with minimum load.

    Your new WAU X Plus bike range depends on a few factors: weather, rider weight, load, altitude and terrain may all impact battery life. A little bit of legwork can help to achieve maximum range when using your WAU X Plus bike. The WAU X Plus bike has been tested with a mix of variables to ensure maximum battery performance. 

    Where is the battery located?

    The WAU battery is hidden inside the moulded frame to ensure a sleek, aesthetically pleasing model. It’s protected by a secure double locking mechanism and can easily be accessed.

    Can I still use my WAU X plus bike if the battery runs out of power?

    Of course. If you run out of power, you can cycle as you would with a regular bike. Even without the motor, the WAU X plus bike is a dream to ride.

    How do I charge my WAU X plus battery?

    The WAU X plus comes with an easy-to-remove battery which means you can charge anytime, anywhere. The battery will stop charging automatically when it reaches full capacity.

    How long does it take to charge my battery?

    All WAU X plus bikes come with a standard charger. You can also choose to upgrade to the Super Charger which offers faster charging times.

    Standard charger:

    375Wh / 10.4ah / 40Miles – 6 hours

    900Wh / 25ah / 100Miles – 12 hours

    Super Charger:

    375Wh / 10.4ah /40Miles – > 3 hours

    900Wh/ 25ah / 100Miles -> >6 hours

    Can I charge my power pack by pedalling?

    At present, the WAU X bike’s only power source is the battery power pack. However, this is a feature we are currently looking into as we constantly strive to improve our products.

    How do I look after my WAU X plus battery?

    Battery performance is often influenced by outside temperature. Battery output and range will be greatly increased in mild to warm weather, compared to colder conditions. Always store your battery at room temperature indoors. Never store your battery outside.

    Room temperature is optimal for charging. Please do not charge your battery outdoors, especially during winter. 

    If internal battery cell temperature drops below -10°C, no power will be provided. You will have to then bring your battery indoors to warm up. 

    When riding in low temperatures, you may find that your battery drains quicker and pedal assistance is less powerful. Riding on a lower assistance level for the first few minutes of your journey will allow your battery to sufficiently warm up. 

    We recommend you unplug your charger when your battery is fully charged. If you want to store your bike for a longer period, try to leave your battery indoors at around 50% charged. 

    Is the WAU X plus bike waterproof/does it have anti-rust protection?

    Yes and yes. The WAU X plus bike is made from a combination of high quality 6061 aluminium, anti-rust steel and highly durable ABS plastic. Using high quality materials protects all parts of your WAU X bike and ensures a long lifespan, no matter the weather conditions. The WAU X plus bike has been carefully designed to be water-resistant, meaning it can be ridden even in the strongest of rain showers with ease. However - please do not fully submerge your WAU X plus bike in water as this can damage the electrical components.

    Can I derestrict the speed limit?

    The answer depends on which type of display you are using. 

    Speed derestriction is not available with the standard WAU X plus display. Any attempt to override the safety system via the standard display will void your warranty with us. 

    Speed derestriction can be accessed via the colour display upgrade. You can find this feature in advanced settings, and increasing the speed will mean the bike is not legal on public roads and must be limited to 15.5 mph if you are going on public roads in the UK.

    Standard speed – 15.5mph

    Private road speed – 20mph

    Does the WAU X plus standard display light up in the dark?

    Yes. On the computer dashboard, press and hold “ + “ for 3 seconds to activate/ deactivate your display and integrated front light.

    Can I go off road with the WAU X plus?

    The WAU X plus is a hybrid road bike and is therefore not suitable for off road use.

    Electric Bike Safety

    Do I need a license/is it legal to ride my WAU X plus bike on UK public roads?

    Electric bikes do not require a license, insurance or road tax in the UK. It’s also completely legal to ride a 250W electric bike on public roads in the UK and EU.

    Can I change the speed limit on my WAU X plus bike?

    The WAU X plus bike is set to the top legal speed of 15mph upon delivery, meaning the motor provides assistance up to 24km/h. Should you choose to upgrade your e-bike display, you have the option to derestrict speed but this will void your warranty as the bike will be over the legal limit in the UK.

    Electric bike size

    Does the WAU X plus bike come in multiple frame sizes?

    The WAU X plus bike currently comes in one size but has built-in, fully adjustable handlebars and seat post which can comfortably fit any rider between 5’5”- 6’5”/165cm - 198cm.

    How much weight can my WAU X plus bike handle?

    All WAU bikes are weight tested up to 120kg, excluding the weight of the bike itself.

    Does WAU offer a woman’s bike frame?

    We don’t currently offer gender-specific sizing, however the WAU X is a unisex electric bike and can be ridden comfortably by the majority of people - see sizing information above.

    The WAU Team

    Where are the WAU team based?

    Our team is based at our HQ in Birmingham. This is also where every single order is shipped from!

    Where is the WAU X Plus bike designed and tested?

    All design work, product testing, analysis, and quality control is carried out in Birmingham, Nottingham and London England.

    Can I test ride a WAU X Plus bike?

    Yes, we are currently offering test rides in the Birmingham area. Please get in touch via the Contact Us page to arrange a test ride.

    Can I purchase a WAU X Plus in store?

    No - the only purchase method we offer is through our website

    Can I contact the WAU team by email?

    Of course! Our customer support email is Drop us an email any time and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

    You can also contact us through our livechat feature.

    Electric bike servicing and maintenance

    Will you be offering any new accessories in the future?

    We are currently working on a range of exciting new electric bike accessories and features, such as voice control and even faster supercharging, which we are aiming to launch within the next 12 months. We are always open to suggestions for future products - message us via our Contact page to share your thoughts.

    Where can I service my WAU X Bike?

    We have manufactured the WAU X Plus Bike so that parts can easily be repaired and replaced. This means you can take your WAU X Plus Bike to most cycling shops for maintenance. You can also bring your WAU X Plus bike to our very own dedicated workshops in Nottingham or London for any technical repairs, more to be added in coming months!

    Where can I purchase spare parts?

    All spare parts including extra or spare battery packs must be bought directly from the WAU X Bike website. Using spare parts from other retailers will invalidate your warranty.

    Can the bike be operated using throttle and pedal assistance?

    Yes. Pedal assistance comes as standard with all WAU X bikes. You can purchase an upgrade for your thumb throttle which allows you to go full electric. However, bear in mind that this may rapidly drain your battery life and reduce your range significantly. Please also note that thumb throttles are not permitted for use on public roads in the UK.

    Can I tow a buggy with my WAU X Plus Bike?

    Yes. A buggy can easily be connected to the stem of the seat or rear of the bike’s frame.

    Electric bike cover & servicing

    Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes, of course. Your WAU X Bike is covered under our one year limited manufacturer warranty. If you experience any issues at all with your bike, please get in touch.

    We have both a commercial and a consumer warranty, get in touch to learn more!

    *Please know, the warranty does not cover general wear and tear, such as worn tires, brake pads or brake disks.

    What is your returns/refund policy?

    Whilst we’re sure you’ll love your new WAU X Bike, we offer a 14-day return policy from the day of delivery should you not be fully satisfied. If you do decide to return your bike to us, it must be in the same condition it was when it was delivered to you. Please see our full returns policy for further information.

    Where do I service my WAU X Plus?

    We have dedicated service stations in London and Nottingham. Any mechanical repairs (ie drivetrain, chain, gears, brakes, tires etc) can be done at your local bike repair shop.

    Got a question? Ask our team

    Our friendly team is available to answer any questions you may have that aren’t covered here or in our bike details. Just get in-touch and we’ll be happy to help.