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    WAU Bikes Returns Policy and Warranty Cover

    1. Your legal rights
    When you buy products from a business, in law you have a number of rights as a consumer.   Our returns policy and warranty cover does not affect your statutory rights.  If you are a Commercial User (as defined in our terms and conditions), your rights tend to be more limited.  Please note the additional terms in our warranty section which apply only to Commercial Users.

    2. If you have simply changed your mind- consumers only
    If you have changed your mind and want to return products after you have paid for them in full, you can return them to us for a full refund within 14 days (excluding delivery fees and cost of shipping unless the product is faulty) from the date you receive the Products provided you return the Products them in their original condition.  Please see below for what we mean by ‘original condition.’

    You will not be able to return any products to us that have exceeded 3 miles, have been specially made, adapted or customised for you where you have simply changed your mind. 

    Please note we do not accept returns after the 14-day period specified above for unwanted products. 

    3.What we mean by original condition

    • All tags and protective packaging are attached and intact;
    • The products are packaged in their original packaging; and
    • The products must be in the same condition that they were in when they were despatched to you.
    • The product must be in unused condition. 
    If any products show signs of wear and tear or use, we may not accept the return at our discretion. 

    4. If your products are faulty or not as described- consumers and Commercial Users.

    We hope this will not happen but should your products be faulty or not as described then you can return them to us for a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.   

    If we offer a warranty with a product and the fault or defect becomes apparent after 30 days, we may provide assistance in accordance with the warranty terms set out below.  Please also see below under our warranty section as to what is covered and what is excluded, depending upon whether you are a consumer or a Commercial User.

    5.How to return your Products to us

    Please contact us via email on or by phone on 0115 6481882 to let us know that you want to return the products and to start the returns process.  For details on shipping and return postage, please refer to our terms and conditions. 

    Please note it is your responsibility to return the products to us and they will remain your responsibility until we have received them.   All products will be inspected once we have received them to assess their state and condition.  Unless the products are defective or faulty (or covered by our warranty), the products must be returned to us in their original condition (see section 3).  

    We will pay for the cost of the return if the products are defective, faulty, misdescribed or because you are returning them due to something we have done wrong for example, sending your bike in the wrong colour or not customising the bike as agreed.  You will be responsible for the costs of returning the products to us unless we inform you otherwise in all other cases.

    Please note:
    If you are a consumer, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the products to us, subject to the warranty terms below.  If you are a Commercial User, you have 14 days to return the products to us, again, subject to the warranty terms below.

    6. When you will receive your refund
    If you are entitled to refund you, we will aim to refund you within 14 working days of having received the returned products. 

    7.Warranty cover- new bikes and accessories online
    Our frames are covered with 10 years. The electronic and mechanical components are covered against manufacturing and material defects for 1 years, WAU battery pack is covered under 2 year warranty from the date of purchase or 10,000 miles, whichever arises first.

    Please note that our warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, neglect, abuse or fair wear and normal usage.  Paint, decorative finishes, and decals are also excluded from our warranty cover.  

    Subject to your rights of return, our warranty covers manufacturer defects that are already present at the time of handover.

    Our warranty is valid only if the following points are met:

    • If your bike was purchased directly from WAU, Indiegogo, or any one of our official and approved distributors.
    • If you are the original/first owner of the bike. Warranty is not transferable in case of a re-sale. 
    • If your WAU has followed all intended use purposes.
    • If all electronics have NOT been modified or repaired.
    • If the WAU casing has not been tampered, open and operated on.

    WAU bike is hybrid road bike.  It is designed to be used on roads (including properly maintained gravel roads) but it is not suitable for stunts or off-road riding. If used under any other condition than specified, then our warranty will be invalid and we will not be responsible to you for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur.   

    Please note  in all cases, all disassembly and shipment costs incurred will be the sole responsibility of the owner. WAU covers replacement parts to those that satisfied all warranty conditions stated above at WAU’s discretion. WAU will cover the cost of the replacement ONLY and will NOT cover the cost of shipping or installing the replacement parts. This warranty is not transferable and is only valid for the original/ first owner of the bike. This warranty period cannot be extended. If the initial ownership is transferred to a third party, the remaining warranty (if any) will be cancelled immediately. Any other remedy, including compensation or loss of use, is excluded.   WAU reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim.

    Usage, wear and tear and warranty exclusions
    Certain components are designed to wear as a result of normal usage and are therefore not covered under warranty. These include brake pads, gear and brake cables, and bearing surfaces, seat sleeve, seat post, tyres, and drivetrain components. Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, lack of servicing or neglect, Improper assembly or maintenance, Modifications, alterations or installation of parts not originally on the bike as sold. 

    In addition , what we consider to be ‘normal wear and tear’ is excluded from our warranty as is misuse. 

    What is considered as wear and tear and misuse?
    Some components on your bike are subject to natural wear and tear owing to their function. The degree of wear can is determined on the care, maintenance and the use of your WAU Bike. Bikes that are often left outside are also subject to increased wear caused by weather conditions.  In addition, if you use your bike otherwise in accordance with its intended usage, any loss or damage arising from such usage is also excluded. 

    The following is excluded from our warranty cover:- 

    • Wear of tyres, hand grips, brake pads and scratches to the frame and/or seat. 
    • Damage or failure caused by accident, abuse, neglect, or any misuse.
    • Damage from stunt riding, ramp jumping or any similar activities that are not aligned with the intended use or purposes.
    • Damages caused by improper charging of the C3 Battery Pack or using a third-party charger not supplied by WAU or its dealers.
    • Damages or loss for both electronic and physical keys.
    • Servicing other than by one of our workshops (if this is a condition of your warranty), or a reputable workshop.
    • Damages caused by installation using third party parts, accessories, or electrical components.
    • Any components that have been modified or tampered with, including but not limited to motors, C3 battery pack, brake pads, lights, tires, displays, controller and so on.
    • Loss or damage associated with rental usage.  
    • If the user overrides manufacture safety features (i.e. increasing the speed limit).
    • If electrical parts have been repaired, replaced, or modified by a person not authorised by WAU.
    • Warranty does not cover components damaged by an attempted repair unless performed by an authorised WAU bike repair centre with WAU’s prior knowledge.
    • Use of your bike for stunt riding, ramp jumping, any sport, similar activities which the biked was not designed for or any other improper use;
    • Battery usage exceeding 800 charges;
    • Improper or incorrect charging of the battery, using third party chargers, or any modification with the charger or battery;
    • Failure to service your bike every six months or 1,000 miles whichever is earlier; and
    • Any use of the bike over the maximum 15.5 mph factory speed limit. (If you opt for a colour display, you will be able to use the bike over this speed limit. However, we will not be held responsible for any losses or damages you may suffer or incur by exceeding the speed limit of  5mph, which may include (but not limited to),  overheating the motor and bike failure/ breakdown; and
    • Failure to service your bike every six months or 1,000 miles whichever is earlier.

    Please also note that all WAU bikes are compliant with UK/EU regulation of maximum 15.5mph, overriding the factory speed limit will immediately invalidate your warranty. 

    In addition, it is a condition of our warranty that parts must be replaced by once they reach their wear limit and that you keep your bike and its components clean, in good repair and that you store your bike appropriately at all times.  Please check your bike regularly and in particular the condition and the thickness of the brake pads regularly, and if necessary, have them replaced by a bike specialist. Please also  bear in mind environmental factors that can cause wear on the moving parts of your bike.

    7.1 Warranty Period.

    We guarantee each new WAU bike frame against defect in workmanship and materials for ten years, all electronics including battery is covered under 2 years.

    7.2 Items covered by warranty.   All electrical components including controller, rear lights, front lights, battery, display. Anything to do with drive train, suspensions are covered under if the workmanship is defective but part failure due to wear and tear or negligence is excluded.  Please refer to “wear and tear” above.    

    7.3 Servicing your bike as a consumer.  To ensure that your WAU bike are working in a good condition, we recommend that you service your bike every 2,000 miles or every 12 months whichever is earlier.  If you are based in London or Nottingham, please visit us to have your bike serviced in our workshop or any local workshop near your area. If any parts/components break or fail due to lack of maintenance, your warranty will not cover such parts/ components. 

    7.4 Servicing your bike as a Commercial User.  Commercial Users must service their WAU bike every 6 months of every 1,000 miles done on the clock, whichever comes first, without exception.  Servicing can be performed at our dedicated workshop or local reputable bike workshop. Receipt with frame number and the owner’s name showing a service has performed must be provided for any warranty claims.  Wear and tear is not covered under WAU’s warranty.  In addition, excessive wear and tear can cause bike parts and components to fail (e.g. brakes) which is also excluded from our warranty and we are not liable for consequential damages in relation to such usage.

    7.5 What to do if you want to make a claim under the warranty and the process to be followed. In the first instance, please contact us at: during the warranty period and we will arrange appropriate action such as arranging collection of the faulty product to our workshop for repair. 

    We will discuss the problem with you and try to resolve your concerns. However, we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to refuse any warranty claim.