Frequently Asked WAU Questions

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How quickly do you deliver?

We would love to get your WAU bike to you instantly! However, as we tend to sell out very quickly, we aim to try and get your WAU X bike out in under 72 hours

How much does shipping cost?

FREE for all UK home delivery.

Does my WAU X come already assembled?

Yes – upon delivery of your new WAU X bike all latest software comes already pre-installed, the bike itself comes already assembled including all the gears, wiring, rear, and front wheels are all already mounted on. The only thing left to do is take the bike out of the box, straighten//tighten the handlebars and put the pedals on and you are all ready to go! (your personal tool kit is provided within the box)

*Due to shipping, we do recommend to ensure full safety to take your new WAU X bike to your local cycling shop to run through very quick final safety checks to make sure you are ready to hit the road.

I live in the United Kingdom, can I pick my WAU X up myself?

All WAU X bikes are systematically stored in UK Midland warehouses, where your order is then sorted, packaged and shipped automatically to your doorstep. We are planning to open public touring in the future, however, this will take place a little later down the line.

My WAU X Electric Bike Performance

Can I see detailed product specifications?

Yes, of course – they are listed in home page under title Specs

Can the power cell be removed?

Yes – fully and easily removable power cell for quick charging anywhere on the go.

How long will the power cell last?

Up to 800 charge cycles – approximately 2 years. After so many cycles if the power pack starts to show any sign of a slight drop in mileage, you can then quickly and easily order a brand new replacement cell from our e-Store which will right away bring back 100% of your original range.

How far can I go on one charge/recharge time?

WAU X 250W

  • 360Wh / 10.5Ah (36V) Samsung, Range - Up To 40 Miles
  • Standard Charger - 4 Hours
  • Super-Charger – Only 2 Hours
  • 886Wh / 24.5Ah (36V) Samsung, Range - Up To 100 Miles
  • Standard Charger - 8 Hours
  • Super-Charger – Only 4 Hours
  • 1980Wh / 55Ah (36V) Samsung, Range - Up To 220 Miles
  • 2 Standard Chargers - 8 Hours
  • 2 Superchargers – Only 4 Hours

*The range has been tested in mixed-use and weather. Other factors including the weight of the rider, level of assistance, weather conditions/temperature, load, altitude, and terrain may affect the battery range. To achieve maximum range on your WAU X Bike, we highly recommend putting in a little bit of legwork in.

I can't see my power pack - where is it?

Batteries are not something you should be spending your time looking at – so it is well hidden in within the middle of the moulded frame, protected by a secure locking mechanism.

Can I still bike on my WAU X if the power pack eventually runs out of power?

Of course! If you run out of power, you can cycle as you would do with a regular bicycle. Even without the powerful motor – it still feels like an absolute dream to ride.

Can I charge my power pack by pedalling?

At the moment, WAU X primarily gets its power from the power charger that is provided with the bike upon purchase. However, this is a feature we are currently looking into.

Is my WAU X Waterproof & has Anti-Rust protection?

Yes, of course. Your WAU X is made out of high standard 6061 aluminium, professional rust protected high strength steel and high strength ABS plastic. Protected for the longevity of all the parts to ensure your new cool ride lasts in all weather conditions. In addition, WAU X Bike is carefully built to be water-resistant and protected from water splashes and mild to strong rainfall with ease!

However, DO NOT fully submerge your WAU X Bike in water as this is not advisable for any e-bikes/e-vehicles on the market.

Safe and Exciting Electric Bike Riding

Do I need a license / is it legal to ride my WAU X bike on UK public roads?

WAU X (250w electric motor)

Yes, all 250w WAU bikes are completely legal to ride without any license all around the UK and including the EU.

Can I change the speed limit?

WAU X (250w electric motor)

Yes, you can. Upon delivery out of the box, your 250w WAU X comes by default e-limited to the top ‘public’ legal speed as 15 mph (24km/h) according to EN15194. This means that the motor will provide you with a strong boost/assistance of up to 24km/h.

*When on private property, it is possible to change these settings and increase the maximum speed up to 20 mph (32km/h) by simply changing the ‘Maximum Speed’ settings on the optional colour display if chosen at the checkout. However, please keep in mind that on any public road/land going over the 15 mph assisted electrically by the motor does go against the local law in the UK. When going back on public roads please set the speed limiter back to 15 mph. If the WAU bike is de-restricted on any UK public road/land this would break the law and in addition, would also void product warranty. Users can only do this at their own risk.

What Size Electric Bike Do I Need?

Does my WAU X come in multiple frame sizes?

We make one, main size flagship WAU X bike frame that has built-in fully adjustable handlebars and seat post as standard which will comfortably fit any rider between the height of 5' 4" - 6' 5" / 163cm - 198cm.

How much weight can my WAU X handle?

Your WAU X bikes are extremely strong, they can easily handle up to 115kg.

WAU Team

Where is my WAU team based?

UK, Nottingham – our engineers, customer support and main office. We are known to work around the clock, 7 days a week and more than happy to help in any way we can. :-)

Where is my WAU X bike designed and tested?

We carry out all design, stress testing, product analysis, and quality control here in Nottingham, Milton Keynes and Wellingborough England.

Can I test ride one of the WAU X bikes?

Yes, we are currently having test rides here in Nottingham. Please contact us on our Contact Page. We are here to help! :-)

Can I contact the team by email?

Yes, of course. Our customer help-line email is

Electric Bike Servicing and Maintenance

What tech/accessories will you be offering in the future?

We are currently working to develop voice control, even faster supercharging and even more highly exciting accessories which are all coming in the next year. We are also open to any suggestions for future accessories. Please message your suggestions on our Contact Page.

Where can I service my WAU X bike?

WAU X ownership is now easier than ever before - Other than the C3 power cell or inner built-in computers, your bike is made in such a way that any local bike shop near you can easily and successfully repair or replace most of the hardware parts as and when needed

What about my spare parts?

Our WAU C3 power cell (battery pack) is completely custom built to perfectly fit into your newly moulded frame. You can easily purchase an additional C3 power cell here from our e-store. The rest of the components are fairly standard, meaning that you can upgrade/customize your bike as you desire with other parts either from us or your local e-bike/bike shop.

Can I add a thumb-throttle?

Yes – the thumb throttle comes as an easy ‘plug play’ piece which can simply plug into your new WAU X bike allowing for full-electric mode. The throttle can be used on private property only.

*As fitted throttle is not allowed on public roads by the local UK law, the user would do this modification completely at their own risk.

Can I tow a buggy begin my WAU X bike?

Yes. You can easily connect it to the steam of the seat or rear of the bike’s frame and you are all set for an exciting adventure ahead!

Electric Bike Cover

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, of course. Your new WAU X is covered under our 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. If you experience any issue with your bike, please contact us on our Contact Page.

Please note, the warranty does not cover general wear and tear, such as worn tires brake pads, brake disks etc.

What is your returns/refund policy?

We are extremely confident that you will love your brand new WAU X bike, however, if you are not satisfied, you are covered under 14-days return policy from the day of delivery.

Please note: your new WAU X Bike must be in a re-saleable condition and NEW condition upon return delivery when received by our Leicester partner team. Please see our full return policy on our website.

Outside of the UK?

I live outside of the UK and would like to order my WAU X bike

We can ship your new WAU X anywhere around the EU, however, slight additional delivery time and minor cost may apply. Please contact our team to arrange a special delivery/more information on our Contact Page. We are always here to help! :-)