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    New WAU X Plus

    Deliver Fast with up to 100 Mile Range

    Ride Faster
    Ride Further

    Increase your speed, deliver more and quickly grow your profit.

    360° Lights

    Maximum visibility day and night, keeping you safe and stylish while riding at any time of day.

    Fast to Service

    Easy repair. Removing and replacing new parts is simple, and can be done at any local bike shop.

    Easy Finance

    Easily spread your cost of your new WAU X Plus bike over 12, 24, 36 or 48 months with Klarna.

    Legal - British

    All WAU X Plus bikes are fully tested and meet all British safety, road and quality standards for electric bikes.

    Full Warranty

    Your warranty lasts for 2 years from the date of receipt. We offer a quick turnaround and dedicated fast track repair service in London and Nottingham for couriers to reduce down time. (Warranty excludes general wear and tear.)


    100 Mile Range

    (Range will vary on rider's weight, luggage weight, terrain, throttle speed and riding conditions.)

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    New Front Light

    Smart Indicators

    Expert in Security

    New Live Tracking

    24/7 live GPS tracking allows you to quickly locate your WAU X Plus bike in real-time via your smartphone.


    Virtual security allows you to set a geographic boundary and receive an alert straight to your smartphone if your WAU X Plus bike leaves the area.

    Alarm & Notifications

    Activate the alarm security with a single click and receive updates if your WAU X Plus bike is moved.

    Full Warranty & Maintenance

    Your warranty lasts for 2 years from the date of receipt. We offer a quick turnaround and dedicated fast track repair service in London and Nottingham for couriers to reduce down time. (Warranty excludes general wear and tear.)

    See maintenance locations

    Number 1 Bike for Deliveries

    The handlebar stem is adjustable with an allen key to give a choice of riding positions, from comfortable through to low and sporty. We also offer a premium suspension saddle upgrade, featuring padding and a breathable design which can be selected at checkout.

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    What Other Couriers Say

    “WAU is my ‘Batman bike’, I recommend it a lot!...I researched a lot and WAU was my choice, a great choice by the way. With GPS, alarm and a satisfactory range and many great reviews.”

    André Freitas

    “I work as a delivery [rider]. What can I say? WAU bikes has made made my work so much easier, it’s fast and very fun to ride. Makes my job feel like it's not a job.”

    Michael Tiliakos

    “Happy full time food courier. This fantastic bike has become my main tool for work. I am a full time food courier in central London. I had a Carrera crossfire before and also converted my own bike to electric but nothing can compare to the range I get from WAU bike.”

    Sam W

    “Excellent customer service and superb e-bike!!”

    Asiatique Restaurant

    New Specifications
    Detailed Specifications
    Detailed Specifications


    Electric Touring / Hybrid Bike


    Samsung 25Ah - 882Wh / 900Wh

    Samsung 10.5Ah - 378Wh

    Removable Battery


    Maximum Speed

    Assisted 15.5mph

    Recharge Time

    25Ah Battery

    4 hours - Supercharger

    8 hours - Standard Charger


    10.5Ah Battery

    2 hours - Supercharger

    4 hours - Standard Charger

    Drive Type

    Rear Wheel Drive

    Sensor Type

    Cadence Sensor Drive


    WAU Multifunction Display and Integrated Remote


    Bafang Performance Rear Wheel Drive 36V 250W

    Mudguards Included



    Battery - 2 years/800 charges

    Electrical & Other Components - 1 Year

    Battery Charger

    2 Amps Standard Charger: Output 62.0V - 4.0A

    4 Amps Supercharger: 50 - 60 Hz, AC110V-220V 42.0V - 4.0A

    Bottom Bracket

    Shimano L:124.5-C27 BC 1.37x24T


    Shimano 8 speed Acera

    Gear Shifter

    Shimano SL-M315-7R Shift Lever


    KMC Z8


    22kg (excl.battery)

    27kg (Inc. battery)

    Maximum Rider Weight



    Lasco Single Guard - 48T Alloy


    Suntour XCR30-DS - 100mm Travel


    Tektro Hyduailic Disc - 180mm Rotor


    Alloy - Width - 720mm - Raise: 15mm - Bore:31.8mm


    1/18 Ahead - Steel Black


    Wellgo Alloy B087U Platform Pedal


    Double Wall alloy


    Schwalbe Marathon/ Energizer Plus

    Tyre Size

    29x1.85 /700C x 47mm

    wheel Size Size


    Manufacturing Orgin

    Designed in Nottingham, England

    Made in Essex, England


    Live Tracking

    24/7 live GPS tracking allows you to locate your WAU X bike in real-time via your smartphone.


    Geo-fence capability offers virtual security. Set a geographic boundary and receive an alert straight to your smartphone if your WAU X bike leaves the area.

    Alarms & Notifications

    Activate an anti-tamper alarm security system with a single click, then receive updates should your WAU X bike be compromised.

    Secure Battery Compartment

    The secure battery compartment protects your high-grade power cell.

    Removable Power Cell

    For extra security, take your power cell with you with ease when you stop for long periods.

    Standard Display
    Standard Black & White Display
    • Battery Level Indicator
    • Assistance Level
    • Push Assistance
    • Trip Distance
    • Total Distance
    • Current/Average Speed
    • Motor Output Indication
    Colour Display
    Upgraded Colour Display – £129.95
    • Speed Unlock
    • USB Charge Port
    • Advanced Settings
    • Speed Odometer
    • High Luminance Colour
    • Holographic Screen

    Common Questions

    Do you offer any discounts for Couriers?

    We don’t offer specific discounts to couriers. However, we may have current running promotions which can be applied by any customers.

    How far can I go on one single charge?

    The WAU bike comes in two different ranges. The exact range you will reach depends on the way the load, terrain, outside temperature and the way you use your bike. If you are riding on hilly terrain, your battery will run out faster.

    376Wh – have a range of 20 miles (full power mode) – 40 miles (economy mode).

    900Wh – have a range of 50 miles (full power mode) – 100 miles (economy mode)

    Maximum range is estimated under normal conditions: soft wind, flat road with minimum load.

    Can I derestrict the speed limit?

    No. The speed derestriction option is not available on standard display. Any attempt to override the safety system via the standard on board computer will void your warranty with WAU.

    Speed de-restriction function can only be accessed via Upgraded Color Display as one of the advanced settings, and this option will not affect your warranty.

    Standard Speed – 15.5mph

    Off-road Speed – 20mph

    How long does it take to charge my battery?

    All WAU bikes come with a standard charger. However, we do offer an upgraded Super Charger which is available to purchase from our range of accessories. 

    Standard charger:

    375Wh / 10.4ah / 40Miles – 4 hours

    900Wh / 25ah / 100Miles – 10 hours

    Super Charger:

    375Wh / 10.4ah /40Miles – > 2 hours

    900Wh/ 25ah / 100Miles -> >5 hours

    I was not accepted on finance, but can I pay 50-70% upfront?

    Please get in touch with our team, and we’ll see what we can do to help.

    Where do I service the bike?

    We have dedicated service stations in London and Nottingham. Any mechanical repairs (i.e drivetrain, chain, gears, brakes, tires, wheels etc.) can be done at your local bike service station.