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    Track your bike and your rides with the WAU X App

    Your all-new WAU X bike comes complete with a reliable, real-time GPS tracking and cycle security app. For around £10 per year, you have access to all of your bike data, which includes innovative live, real-time location tracking, virtual security and more.

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    Live Tracking

    Track the live location of your bike in real-time and receive alerts should your bike move while you are away from it. The new onboard WAU X tracking device is discrete and integrated within the bike, making retrieval highly likely should somebody attempt to steal it.


    Using the tailor-made WAU X App, you can set your own geo-fence. This will allow you to receive a notification should your bike leave this zone. These could be set up around your home, work or both to give you complete peace of mind.

    Alarms & Notifications

    Keeping your bike safe is now effortless, as each WAU X bike comes complete with a unique key for locking and unlocking your bike (just like a remote car key). As well as featuring a built-in alarm sounding should someone try to move the WAU X bike without first unlocking using the key, the app will also notify you that someone may be attempting to move your bike. These instant, automatic notifications come straight to your phone, keeping you updated through the day and night.

    Common Questions

    How can I download the app?

    The app is available for free from the App Store and Android Store

    How much does it cost?

    The app is free to download and there is no subscription free for using the app. However, access to data costs around £10 per year.

    Do I need a SIM card?

    Sim cards are provided by WAU, however you will need to top up as and when required. Because the app uses GPS to track your location, you will need access to the internet or 3G/4G/5G in order to use the live tracking on the app.