Cyclescheme lets you pay for your WAU bike monthly, through salary sacrifice, meaning there is no tax, national insurance or interest to pay on your purchase.

You can use Cyclescheme to purchase any WAU models, accessories, clothing or safety equipment. There is NO £1000 package limit, which means you go for any WAU sepc you want.

At the End of the Hire agreement, you can keep your WAU bike and pay as little as 7% of the value of the certificate. No ifs, no but's, and certainly no extra charges -it's as simple as that.




Save up to 35% on a WAU bike of your choice.
Simply try the calculator below and see how much you could save!


If your salary does not drop below the National Living Wage/National Minimum Wage you are automatically eligible to Cyclescheme through the PAYE system.

No – Please get in touch with our team to get your quote or simply go to check out, choose your range and get the total package value before applying for your Cyclescheme certificate.

If you do decide to leave your current employment position before your e-bike is fully paid off, the outstanding amount will then be deducted from your net pay from your final salary. Therefore on this value, there will be no tax advantage and you will need to go through the end of hire payment to keep your e-bike.

During the period of the Cyclescheme, you will be hiring your e-bike directly from your employer, meaning for the hiring period the e-bike will temporarily belong to your employer until the hire payment and salary sacrifice are completed.

You will be given 3 options at the end of your hire agreement:

  1. You can pay 25% of the value of the certificate to take full and complete ownership immediately.
  2. You can return the package directly back to Cyclescheme.
  3. *You can opt-in and sign up for an extended 36 months hire agreement directly with Cyclescheme. This will then entail an initial payment of only 7% of the certificate, but no further during the rest of the entire agreement. Once the 36 months hire agreement have passed you can then keep your package or simply send it back to Cyclescheme and receive the 7% back to your pocket.

*The third option is definitely recommended as will maximise your savings and allow you to keep your electric bike.

Good news is that a wide range of great accessories can now be easily included in the Cyclescheme certificate, such as:

  • Batteries
  • Panniers
  • Helmets
  • Pumps
  • Locks

Short answer - No.
For most of the time it should be mostly used for making your way to and from work, however, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your new electric bike on your free time too!

As soon as your e-bike leaves the store (or is delivered to your delivery address) you will then be fully responsible for it. Therefore if it does get stolen this will simply mean the end of the hire agreement and remaining amount for the e-bike's value will then have to be deducted from your net pay/salary. It is certainly advisable for you to purchase insurance with third-party providers.

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