WAU Cyber - A New Era of Electric Bikes

WAU Cyber is a new project set to shake up the electric vehicle industry with innovative design, engineering, and electronics. It is reinventing the electric bike market with a product that is both functionally and aesthetically unique.

Reinventing the Stale Standard of Electric Bikes

We aim to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and bring new levels of excitement and power to personal transportation. Unlike other electric bike manufacturers, WAU Cyber isn't following the same tired playbook of the 1950s bicycle market. Instead, it is pushing the boundaries of design and engineering to create something truly unique.

Join the WAU Cyber Facebook Group Today

The full reveal of WAU Cyber will be on June 1st, and it will be available to purchase on Indiegogo on July 25th. To make the product perfect, feedback and participation in the development process are encouraged. WAU Cyber is the future of personal transportation. Join our Facebook group to get involved and be a part of the WAU Cyber revolution.