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    Save Money On Your Commute With The WAU X Plus eBike
    Sep 15, 2021

    Save Money On Your Commute With The WAU X Plus eBike

    Good news first. Freedom day is here and things are finally getting back to normal. But here’s the bad news. Working from home is a distant memory - and most of us have to get up earlier, cram onto public transport and head back into the office.

    Whether it’s the cost of petrol, buses, tubes or just getting caught by the Clean Air Zone charges (we’ve all been there), commuting isn’t cheap - and it’s an expense we’ve all been doing without over the last 18 months or so. 

    Maybe, like so many people right now, you’re looking for a fast, affordable and enjoyable way to get to work every morning. A way to make rush hour a whole less rushed, arriving at the office without feeling like you’ve already done a day’s work.

    Well, that’s where we come in! 

    As you know, WAU’s an electric bike company - so no surprises for guessing that we’re championing cycling as a great way to commute on the cheap. We’re not talking about normal bikes, though. We’re talking about the WAU X Plus.

    At WAU, we’ve built our latest eBike to help commuters cut down on costs, stay active and avoid the hassle of public transport. It’s designed to slot perfectly into your daily routine and help you conquer your commute in style. How? Through a whole load of awesome features that make your journey to work a breeze...

    If you’ve got a lengthy commute, WAU guarantees you’re never left high and dry on the roadside. Our long-lasting battery and 100-mile range means you can get to any destination without worrying about getting stranded.

    Our power-assisted pedalling helps you enjoy those longer rides effortlessly - regardless of your age or fitness. You can use our throttle accessory off road to reach up to 20mph speeds without touching the pedals. You won’t turn up to work panting, drenched in sweat, after tackling that mini-mountain outside the office.

    Features aside, there’s an even bigger benefit to picking up a WAU bike for your daily pilgrimage to career HQ. By taking advantage of the Cycle to Work scheme, you can save 50% on the price of your bike - with no upfront payment.

    Seriously, with the Cycle to Work initiative you can get your WAU Plus X and any additional accessories half price - all taken out of your paycheck pre-tax!

    First, check if your employer has a cycle to work scheme in place and get a quote from us for your WAU bike and accessories. All you have to do is submit that quote to your employer and get your voucher to redeem your own discounted WAU eBike!

    It’s definitely one of the cheapest ways to commute in 2021 - so if you want to learn more, check out our website for extra info on Cycle to Work and how you can conquer your commute for now until it’s time to retire!