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In recent years, electric bikes have come a long way, with milage capabilities increasing significantly. This is just part of the reason why we are seeing more and more e-bikes whizzing down our roads and cycle paths every day. 

Although undeniably practical and fun in many ways, when an e-bike has a poor range, this places a significant limit on its practical use in everyday life. Some early electric bikes were only suitable for short-range journeys where charging points were available, such as short commutes to an office or other place of work. This would allow the bike user to recharge their bike during the day, ready for the return journey. 

Newer, technologically advanced e-bikes have a much greater range, opening the door to greater and more exciting possible uses. 

In this article, we will explore what is meant by the term ‘long range electric bikes’, look at the benefits of these types of e-bikes and explore some ways that they can open the door to more adventure. 

What Are Long Range Electric Bikes? 

Long range electric bikes are much as they sound - electric bikes which have been specially designed to cover far greater distances than a typical electric bicycle. This is usually achieved by combining the very latest battery technology with innovative bike design, leading to increased power availability and decreased power requirements. 

Typically, an electric bike can earn ‘long range’ status if it is able to achieve upwards of 100KM (60ish miles) in a single charge. However, some long-range bikes can achieve almost double that. 

In fact, some bikes have a huge capacity for distance. Although ultimately, once the limits of battery and bike technology have been exhausted, you will start to make a trade-off between the range of the bike and its weight. After all, bikes that achieve huge ranges also have to increase the size of their battery to accommodate. 

It is also worth noting that the actual range of an electric bike depends on multiple factors. For example, a bike that can achieve 100 miles of range on a flat, smooth surface will achieve a shorter range on a steep gradient and rough surface.  

Of course, if you are willing to pedal more once the battery runs out, then all e-bikes can be considered long range. However, this can be tiring when you also have to invest the energy into propelling the now-dead battery and motor along with you. So, it is better to get a bike that offers great capacity to ensure you always have the power ready and waiting when you need it.

What Are The Benefits of Long Range Electric Bikes?

Long range electric bikes are more expensive than short range e-bikes. This is simply due to the technology that goes into building them. 

So, you may be asking:

Why spend more on a long range electric bike?

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There are several benefits to getting yourself a long range e-bike. For starters, it is just less hassle. With 100 miles in your ‘tank’ you don't need to spend your days worrying about where you are going to charge your bike next. You can jump on and go all day, then simply plug it in when you get home to recharge, ready for tomorrow. 

Long range electric bikes are also perfect for those who like to go on cycling adventures. They give you more choice on your destination and more flexibility to explore new routes and areas should the feeling take you. 

After all, there is nothing worse than heading out on an adventure, wanting to explore more but having to turn around because your battery is almost dead. 

How Far Will 100 Miles Take Me?

So, with adventure in mind, let’s ask the question - how far will 100 miles actually take me? We explore some possible scenarios below. 

Explore More

Let’s face it, most of the best adventures aren’t necessarily planned. Perhaps a colleague at work says ‘let’s go for a ride when we’ve finished’ or you get a phone call from a friend asking if you fancy trying out a new route that morning…

…next thing you know you are exploring somewhere new and exciting. 

With 100 miles of range, your ability to do this sort of last-minute exploration is almost limitless. No ‘sure, but we can only go 20 miles’ or ‘only if we go somewhere I can charge my bike’. 

Real adventure needs flexibility and a long range electric bike gives you this. 

Complete a Big Challenge 

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With a big range comes big possibilities. After all, 100 miles is a considerable distance to be able to travel on one charge. Here are some examples to put this into perspective: 

In less than 100 miles, you could cycle from London to Portsmouth (77 miles by bike). 
In less than 100 miles, you could cycle from Birmingham to Swindon (80 miles by bike)
In just over 100 miles, you could cycle from Liverpool to York (102 miles by bike)

With a little planning and the right kit, there are endless big cycling challenges you can complete with a long range electric bike alongside to help you on your way. Just make sure you pack enough food and water to ensure that you make it there in one piece alongside your awesome bike.

Complete an Epic Challenge 

If you’re one of those types that like to take your adventures to the next level, then perhaps cycling around the 100-mile mark just isn't enough for you. If that’s so, then you could always use your long range electric bike for an epic challenge such as: 

Cycling 603 miles by bike from John o Groats to Lands End.


Cycling around 300 miles from Capital City (London) to the Capital City (Paris).

Of course, this will take a little more than one charge, but with 100 miles of charge at your fingertips stressing about whether you will complete your leg for the day just won’t be an issue. 

Go All Day 

Let’s face it, most people aren't going to cycle anywhere near 100 miles a day. Even great adventures typically involve short stints of cycling mixed with site seeing, eating, drinking and generally enjoying the scenery. 

So, even if your adventures aren’t quite as epic as cycling from London to Paris or cycling the UK from top to bottom, with a long range electric bike you know you have all the charge you need to keep going all day, every day. 

Most people are unlikely to cycle more than 100 miles in a day, so as long as you stop for the evening somewhere you can charge - the possibilities are truly endless.

E-Bikes for Adventure: Summary 

It is clear that long range electric bikes are a great tool for those that want more flexibility in their cycling adventures. Whether those adventures are relaxing rides with friends to find new and interesting routes or they are massive challenges that span over a much longer period of time and distance - a long range electric bike is going to provide you with the power you need, when you need it. 

Ultimately, keeping your bike charged and ready to go means you can join in practically and bike-based adventure with just a moment's notice. 

So, what’s your next big adventure? Could a long range electric bike be the perfect companion? 


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Q: What is a long range electric bike?

A: Long range electric bikes are much as they sound - bikes which have been specially designed to offer power-assisted cycling over a longer distance. This is achieved by combining innovative battery technology with smart bike design to increase capacity and decrease resistance. Long range electric bikes are a great tool for those that want to explore more without the worry of finding the next charging point. 

Q: How far can long range electric bikes go?

A: Innovations in battery technology and bike design have led to great increases in the range of some more advanced electric bikes. Whereas previous generations of e-bikes tended to only be good for short commutes with a charging point available at the other end, modern long range bikes can now cover significant distances ranging from 100KM (60ish miles) to over 150KM (100ish miles).

Q: What are the benefits of long range electric bikes? 

A: There are countless benefits to buying a long range electric bike. Alongside the usual e-bike benefits such as convenience, speed and fun, long range electric bikes offer users far more flexibility in their day to day use. So, whether you are using your bike to commute to work or using it to complete an epic cycling challenge, you know you will have the power you need, when you need it with a long range electric bike.