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    Long Range Electric Bike: A Productivity Dream
    Jun 1, 2022

    Long Range Electric Bike: A Productivity Dream

    Electric bikes have always been popular with those who use them for business and professional purposes. This is for a range of reasons, spanning from their convenience and flexibility to the fact that they get you to work looking presentable. 

    However, until recent years electric bikes have only been suitable to serve those who need to cover short distances on a daily basis. This was great for those with short commutes, who could charge their bike at work but wrote off the viability of an electric bike for many people who would otherwise benefit from them. 

    Luckily for them, new battery and bike technology have now made long range electric bikes a reality. Opening the door to those who need greater capacity from their bikes. 

    Of course, long range electric bikes are great fun, but they are also highly practical. In this article, we explore just how a long range electric bike can help you boost productivity. 

    What is a Long Range E-Bike? 

    So, what is the actual difference between a normal e-bike and a long range electric bike? 

    Well, until recent years e-bikes were typically used by those who only needed to cover short distances in a day. For example, an office worker who commuted just a couple of miles to and back from work would be your stereotypical e-bike user. 

    Although some lower end e-bikes still have fairly limited capacity, innovations in battery technology and smart bike design now mean that e-bikes can achieve much greater distances before running out of charge. 

    Typically, an e-bike could be considered as ‘long range’ if it can cover anywhere upwards of 100KM (60ish) miles. Although some higher-end e-bikes can actually cover almost twice this

    Why Buy a Long Range Electric Bike? 

    There is no running from the fact that long range electric bikes are more expensive than other options such as traditional bicycles and lower-end e-bikes. So, you may be asking why they are worth the investment.

    Ultimately, it all boils down to two things - flexibility and capacity. 

    Long range bikes which can achieve up to 100 miles in a single charge mean you don't have to worry about where you will charge your bike during the day. It also means you can use your bike when you want, for what you want, without considering how much battery it might use up. Plus, it isn’t the end of the world if you forget to charge your bike at the of the day. 

    As few people would realistically cycle 100 miles in a day, a long range electric bike means whatever you need to achieve, your bike will be there ready to help whenever you need it. 

    What Can I Achieve With 100 Miles? 

    100 miles is a massive distance. When you have that much capacity at your fingertips, the potential is practically limitless. Below, we list just a few things you can achieve when you use a long range electric bike.

    Complete an Epic Commute

    We have already mentioned how electric bikes used to only really be suitable for those who completed short commutes. This meant they were only typically used by those who lived within a few miles of their place of work.

    Long range electric bikes massively open up the range that can be covered in a commute. This means that even those that live considerable distances from their place of work can now commute with an electric bike. Here are a few examples of typical commuter routes that are now easily achievable with a long range electric bike: 

    Bath to Bristol (26 miles there and back)
    St Albans to Central London (44 miles there and back)
    Dunfermline to Edinburgh (36 miles there and back)
    Macclesfield to Manchester (40 miles there and back)

    As you can see, a long range electric bike is more than capable of completing commutes that would previously only be considered achievable by car or train. In fact, with 100 miles of capacity, you could complete most of these commutes twice - handy if you forget to charge your bike one night. 

    Be Flexible 

    By far one of the biggest benefits of buying a long range electric bike is the flexibility it offers you. Not only does this allow you to have more fun, but it means you can jump on opportunities as and when they arise. 

    You also won’t have to constantly plan your journeys based on where the next available charging point may be. Ultimately this means you can use your e-bike to get you practically anywhere - which is incredibly helpful when speed offers you a competitive edge. 

    Get There First 

    In many scenarios, being first is the best way to ensure success. There are two ways that a long range electric bike will help you get to where you are going faster than anyone else:

    1. Increased speed
    2. Unmatched agility. 

    Some top-end e-bikes can help you achieve 15+ mph when pedalling. This is far faster than most people can sustain on a traditional bicycle. However, a long range electric bike is similar to traditional bikes in one way - they offer you a smart way to avoid heavy traffic in busy areas in towns and cities. 

    In almost all cases riding a long range electric bike is faster than walking, running or traditional cycling. Plus, in many cases, it is also faster than taking the car or bus to your destination. 

    Ultimately, a long range electric bike is a super-charged productivity tool which is simply going to get you where you are going faster - meaning you can squeeze more into your day. 

    Get There in Style

    In business and in life appearance counts. So, getting to your destination looking fresh and ready for action can be a smart way to boost success. 

    Using a long range electric bike means you can get the assistance you need when peddling. This can make hills a breeze and stops you from sweating out of every pore on your daily commute.  

    Not only does this mean you turn up looking great, but it also means you don't waste time cooling down, grabbing a shower, getting changed and sipping cold water as you attempt to get your breath back. 

    Park (Almost) Anywhere 

    One final way that a long range electric bike can help you boost productivity is that it allows you to ‘park’ practically anywhere. Unlike going to your destination by car, where you are often not guaranteed a parking space, with an e-bike you are much more likely to find an easy, nearby place to secure your bike. 

    This can also be better than modes of public transport which usually drop you at a designated point, which is rarely right next to your destination. 

    Long Range Electric Bike: Summary 

    It is clear that long range electric bikes open up a huge range of possibilities. One of the biggest of these is the potential for increased productivity. This is especially important for those that use their e-bike for business purposes, allowing you to get more done - which can ultimately lead to greater success and greater profits. 

    How a WAU E-Bike is Made

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    Q: What is a long range electric bike? 

    A: Electric bikes, or e-bikes are bicycles which use a battery and an electric powered motor to help propel the user along the road. Until recently, most electric bikes have only been able to cover relatively short distances, making them impractical for many. However, recent innovations have meant that electric bikes can cover a much greater distance. The term ‘long range’ is typically used to describe bikes which can reach 100KM (60ish miles) or more. Although some can achieve up to double this distance. 

    Q: Should I buy a long range electric bike? 

    A: Long range electric bikes are a great option for many people. This is especially true if you regularly cover long distances such as long commutes. However, the increased capacity of a long range e-bike also means those that travel shorter distances don’t have to worry about regularly charging their bike. 

    Q: How can long range electric bikes make me more productive? 

    A: Not only are long range electric bikes great fun, but they are also fantastic tools for those who want to be more productive. This is for several reasons such as the fact that they can get you from A to B considerably faster than other modes of transport and that there is little need to consider where you will charge your bike once you get there. 

    Q: Are long range electric bikes good for work? 

    A: Long range electric bikes are perfect for commuters. They offer those with long commutes the opportunity to benefit from an electric bike and those with shorter commutes the flexibility they need to not worry about having to recharge their bike all the time. Ultimately, a long range electric bike can be the quickest way to commute, with the ability to avoid traffic and higher speeds than traditional bicycles.