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    Is using an electric bike cheating?
    Nov 8, 2021

    Is using an electric bike cheating?

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    If you have an electric bike, love it and evangelise it, you’ve probably heard this before... 

    ‘Hey! That’s not real cycling! It’s cheating!’ 

    Pretty frustrating, right? And you know it isn’t true. Well, let’s take a little look at the cold hard facts and see if the naysayers have got it right (spoiler alert - they haven’t...) 

    Picture this - it’s a hot, sweaty day and you’re out on the bikes with your mates. You’re all enjoying a great ride, - taking in the views, breathing in the fresh air and getting some exercise in, you know, earning that pint and dinner you’re gonna get later. The whole day is yours, you intend to do 50 miles and get home in time to watch the rest of Squid Game with a well earned take away. 

    Those were the days right? Then you meet your life partner, a couple of young ‘uns come along and the idea of going out for an all day ride with your friends is more aggro than it is worth. You’re not knocking out all day long 50 miles rides anymore you know you only get a pass for a couple of hours or a morning at best.

    What if you had an eBike?
    Cruising at 15- 20 mile an hour is totally doable. You have done a fast downhill, have you ever done a fast uphill? You can with an eBike. That 50 mile ride is going to take a couple of hours, not all day. And guess what? The motor only gets you up to 15mph, after that it is all you, full on pedal power. You can do so much more in much less time. You don’t have to miss out. And until you have tried one do not underestimate how much fun they are.

    That’s the essence of an electric bike. It’s not cheating, it’s just there to compliment your rides. It’s there to allow you to enjoy yourself, go at a pace that works for you (and the people you ride with!) and it ensures that no matter what you face when you’re out on your eBike, you can really make the most of being out and about. And as you are still putting in work (remember because of the battery eBike are heavier than a manual - you are still burning calories and raising your heart rate), you still earn the take away - albeit a smaller one.

    Sometimes, using the electric just makes sense. You might be on your way to lunch and not want to wear yourself out. Or you might just want to see some stunning views and take it all in without feeling like you’re training for the Olympics. Occasionally, it’s nice to kick back and relax. Other times, it’s about taking a breather before getting back to the pedals. If you commute to work, an eBike will change your life.

    Wherever you go, the electric bike is designed to make sure you have the best time possible every time you head out for a ride. It’s about tailoring your ride to how you feel in that given moment. And it’s about giving you the freedom to choose whether you ride or relax. The electric bike puts you in charge. No pun intended, promise!

    So, to sum it all up… Using an electric bike lets you go further, faster in less time and have way more fun. And that’s why so many people are choosing to make the upgrade - without feeling guilty because some people look down their nose at eBikes in general.

    In fact, if you ever hear anyone say using an electric bike is cheating, make sure you give them a wave when you effortlessly glide past them on your WAU bike.

    Remember, just like the electric bike… We Are Underdogs!