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    ‘How Far Can I Go?’ - Long Range Electric Bike Explained
    Sep 9, 2021

    ‘How Far Can I Go?’
    - Long Range Electric Bike Explained


    ‘How far can I go on my bike?’ Man, if we had a pound for every time we heard that! We get it, though. Range is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to deciding which eBike to pick up for your daily commutes or weekend adventures.


    Whatever you’re cycling for, whether it’s travelling to work or just heading out for a weekend ride, you need total peace of mind that you’re not going to get stranded. You need to know your eBike is going to go the distance - every single time.


    Like we mentioned above, it’s what we refer to as ‘range’ - how far your bike’s going to cover on a single charge. When you juice up your ride overnight, is it going to get you to where you need to be in the morning? Or is it going to fall short…


    Working out range depends on a few different factors (we’ll go into those in a moment) but, in simple terms, the distance an eBike travels is boiled down to this:


    Energy On Board / Energy To Travel 1 Mile


    It’s not rocket science, right? If your bike gets 100Wh of energy in one charge, and it takes up 10Wh of energy to travel 1 mile, you can go 10 miles before you’re all outta juice. Let us be the first to tell you that 10 miles, well, kinda sucks.


    At WAU, range is one of our top priorities! That’s why our WAU X Plus eBike has a 900Wh battery. It takes about 9Wh of energy to ride for a mile on one of our bikes, so that’s a MASSIVE 100 mile range on a single charge. Seriously, 100 miles in one go.


    That’s the longest range battery in the world.


    Better still, our supercharge can halve your charging hours. In just 6 hours, your ride is going to be primed and ready to take you 100 miles before it needs a top up. You won’t find anything that good anywhere else. That’s right, we’re the long-range leader.


    As we said, there are other factors that affect the range of an eBike, but nothing quite like energy. You’ve got to consider things like your tire pressure, riding position, road surface, hill grade, weather conditions, how much you pedal and more.


    As we said, there are other factors that affect the range of an eBike, but nothing quite like energy. It's important to consider other factors including:

    - Tire Pressure
    - Average Speed
    - Assistant Level Used 
    - Total Payload (Rider Weight + Gear)
    - Weather Condition
    - Temperature
    - Hill Grade
    - Riding Surfaces etc 

    But, by and large, you can rest easy knowing your WAU X Plus is going to go the full 100-mile distance without any issues at all. We’ve even gone the extra mile to ensure you get the range we promise (and then some!) with a few awesome accessories:


    Pick up a spare C3 power pack E-Bike Battery and make sure you can get the juice you need whenever you need it. Fitted with an easy-grip and strong nylon strap, this battery replacement is easy to remove and refit to go the extra distance - £299 


    Fit some of our Schwalbe Energizer Tires to help your eBike run as efficiently as possible and maximise your range. Enjoy non-stop riding with tires that are ideal for paved city roads and rougher terrain thanks to maximum grip tread design - £35.