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An electric bike and a regular bike have a number of similarities. In fact, there are quite a few ways in which they barely differ – after all, both come with two wheels, a frame, a seat, handlebars, and pedals. So, with that in mind, you’re probably thinking “well, what will buying an e-bike do for me that a standard bicycle won’t?” 

Of course, if you’re reading this, there’s every chance that you’re already considering joining the e-bike community, so let’s see if we can encourage you to take the next step by showing you some of the advantages you’ll get to enjoy when you take the plunge and invest in a WAU e-bike.

E-Bikes Save You Money

Cars are expensive – there’s no denying that! Whether you’re paying for one upfront or in monthly instalments, you can expect a high price. Even a second-hand vehicle doesn’t come cheap these days. An e-bike involves a significantly cheaper cash outlay from the get-go.

Whether you usually drive your own vehicle or whether you get around on public transport, you’ll be paying out on a regular basis. The cost of fuel is constantly going up, and that, in turn, has a knock-on effect on bus fares. Running a car also involves a lot of ongoing maintenance expenses on top of petrol or diesel, including:

  • Annual servicing
  • MOT tests
  • Replacing worn-out components.
  • Road Tax
  • Insurance

With a WAU electric bike, you’re immediately eliminating a lot of those costs. Our best electric bike won’t need a lot of ongoing maintenance or costly fuel top-ups, and if repairs are needed, they’re a lot more affordable than car repairs, especially thanks to the warranty that we offer on our e-bikes. The battery is covered for two years (or 800 charges), while the electrical and other components benefit from a one-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

E-Bikes Help to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One of the most popular reasons for investing in an electric bike has to be the good it can do for the environment. Virtually everybody these days knows the damage that carbon emissions are doing to our planet, but e-bikes are environmentally friendly since they run on electricity instead of diesel or petrol. 

Switching to using an e-bike for your morning commute will give you that wonderful glow of self-satisfaction as you know you’re doing your bit as an eco-warrior! Even better, WAU is part of several Cycle To Work schemes, so you can save as much as 47% of the total cost of your new bike package. You see, riding an e-bike to work can help save you money as well as help you save the planet! 

You’ll Be Staying Healthy and Fit

Riding a WAU e-bike regularly offers a host of health and wellness advantages. With a 100mi range, it gives you ample opportunity to spend plenty of time in the great outdoors boosting your fitness level. 

Helping You Maintain a Healthy Body Weight 

At the present time, a shocking 39% of the world’s population is overweight, and that’s not great news for our already strained healthcare resources. If you currently fall within that statistic, or you’d rather avoid the potential risks that come with an expanding waistline, getting from A to B on an electric bike rather than in your car is a great way to promote your individual fitness goals. 

A Multifunctional Workout

Riding an e-bike is good for your legs, core muscles, shoulders, and arms, giving you an amazing workout while you carry out your essential journeys and killing two birds with one stone. 

Improving Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being 

Interestingly, evidence shows that riding an electric bike can improve your mental well-being as well as your physical health. You can get out and about in a natural environment, and the exercise paired with fresh air and a change of scenery, can boost your mood, reduce your stress level, increase your productivity, and help you to get a more restful sleep – all things that will help to keep you on an even keel and improve your emotional and mental health. 

With around a quarter of the population suffering from at least one mental or emotional health issue, finding natural ways to address those problems couldn’t be more important, and something as simple as riding your WAU electric bike regularly could make all the difference. 

Your Daily Commute to Work Could Be Faster and Less Stressful

It might sound unrealistic to say that your commute might be faster on an e-bike than in your car, but in fact, it’s been proven to be true. The average car speed during heavy rush hour traffic is just 7 mph while the WAU bike can hit speeds of 15.5mph, while also giving you the benefit of being able to use a cycle lane to sail past all those stationary cars. It’ll save you a lot of stress too! 

Electric Bikes Don't Need a Parking Space

If you work at a busy location or live on a street with restricted parking, finding a space for a car can be stressful and challenging. An e-bike eliminates that problem in one fell swoop. You won’t be constantly searching for somewhere safe and legal to leave your vehicle – you can simply take it indoors with you, store it in a shed, or just securely lock it up outdoors.

Of course, you might be worried about whether it’s wise to leave your brand-new electric bike unattended. The good news is that the WAU e-Bike boasts a bunch of brilliant security features such as: 

  • Dual secure battery locks
  • 24/7 live GPS tracking 
  • Virtual geo-fence security 
  • Alarm security with notifications 

So, The Best E-Bike Offers Advantages Over a Car… But Shouldn’t I Just Buy a Regular Bike?

If you’ve just read the benefits above, you might be wondering whether it’s really worth buying a WAU luxury e-bike when a regular bicycle can give you all the same advantages but probably at a lower cost. Well, of course, if you’re passionate about your Lycra, we’re not here to put you off, but…

We think there are a whole lot of reasons why you should consider a WAU long-range ebike over a standard bicycle. So, let’s take a closer look at them here and see whether you agree with us.

  • You Can Enjoy Riding a Bike Even If You’re Not Super-Fit

    If you’re planning to switch from a car to a more eco-friendly mode of transport as a permanent solution, you’re going to need to be pretty fit. Riding a regular bike is no mean feat, especially if you’re going long distances, so if you’re thinking about doing a 10-mile commute to your workplace and back every day, you’ll probably have to do some training first, especially if you haven’t hopped onto a saddle since you were a teenager. 

While you do have to pedal when you’re riding a WAU ebike, you’ll need to put far less effort in as the motor will help you to pedal. That means if you’re older, not especially strong, or just hopelessly unfit, you can still ride our electric bike wherever you want to go without giving yourself a heart attack. 


  • You Won’t Get Sweaty and Uncomfortable When You Ride

    If you’d prefer to arrive at work feeling comfortable and sweat-free after your morning commute, a WAU electric bike is the right choice for you. Thanks to the powerful pedal assistance from the Bafang Performance Rear Wheel Drive motor, you won’t need to shower the moment you walk through your workplace door. 


  • You Can Travel Further

    Unless you’re a Tour de France pro, you’ll probably find that a 30-mile ride on a standard bike will have you pretty worn out. That means if you were planning on having a fun day out at the other end of your journey, you’ll probably be too tired to enjoy it. 


On the other hand, with a WAU electric bike, you can travel far further with far less effort. You’ll discover that our best electric bike can travel as far as 100 miles on a single charge, so you’ll have no difficulty getting wherever you need to go. As an added advantage, you can ride up hills and mountains and across uneven terrain even if you’re not the most active person, something that would leave you physically exhausted on a standard bike. 


  • You’ll Benefit from Cool Additional Features

    A standard bike doesn’t usually come with a host of cool features that make riding easier, safer, and, let’s face it, more fun. With the best e-bike, you’ll have the advantage of some amazing functions at your fingertips – quite literally in the case of high-visibility smart indicators! If you read a WAU bike review, like the one from our friends at TechRadar - TechRadar WAU E-Bike Review - you’ll also discover some other fantastic features that you’re sure to love such as a smart backlit display, sleek sidelights, and smart indicators. There are also some great upgrades that you can make to help you get even more functionality and enjoyment from your new electric bike. 

Is A WAU Electric Bike for Me?

If you’ve got this far, there’s a fair chance that you’re seriously considering investing in an electric bike, and we may be biased, because we think that it’s a great idea! There are so many reasons to buy an e-bike, and there are advantages not just for you, but also for the environment. Whether you’re looking for a less carbon-emitting way to travel, a faster commute than using a car, a less sweaty and exhausting ride, or an easier way to stay fit even if you aren’t already an athlete, the WAU e-bike has you covered.

How a WAU E-Bike is Made

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