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Electric Bikes : popularity of ebikes is rising in the UK

Electric Bikes: popularity of ebikes is rising in the UK

If you’re not completely familiar with how an ebike works, you’re not alone. Although the first electric bike was created in Japan in the 1980s, many people in the UK remain unfamiliar with the concept.

They’ve grown in popularity in the past 20 years – predominantly in Europe – while the UK has only started to follow suit in the past few years. In fact, research suggests that 5% of adults and 14% of cyclists in the UK say they’re “likely” to buy an e-bike for sale over the next 12 months, which is around 2.78 million people.

What are the benefits of owning an eBike?

The great thing about eBikes is that it benefits many personas. For example, those who commute into London and other highly congested cities know exactly how stressful it is on a daily basis. Whether there has been a traffic or train line issue, getting from A to B can prove difficult. However, thanks to those commuting in London and other highly congested cities know the stress of commuting all too well. Whether there has been a traffic or train line issue or not, getting from A to B can prove very time-consuming and unreliable in highly populated cities. Ebikes allow cyclists to use designated cycle lanes or weave throughout traffic without breaking a sweat.

In regard to the environment, we know the earth is warming up and there is a growing need to be more environmentally friendly. Ebikes contribute to significantly cutting pollution and reducing your carbon footprint, especially when they are usually used to replace motor journeys.

Those riding e-bikes enjoy all the benefits of physical exercise and may even experience greater benefits than those using a regular bicycle. While those using an e-bike exert slightly less energy, their fitness seems to improve more as they tend to cycle more regularly and for longer distances. This is likely linked to the increased confidence that comes with motor assistance.

The assistance and support provided by the ebike motor accommodates people who would not otherwise be able to ride a bike or exercise, can now enjoy the benefits of cycling. Those with lower fitness levels can build this up over time, building confidence and momentum in the process, and those with physical disabilities, injuries or older age can cycle at their own pace without suffering the pain or risk of injury that comes with higher-impact forms of exercise.

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