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Electric Bikes : Everything you need to know

Electric Bikes: Everything you need to know

What is an Electric Bike or eBike?

An eBike is essentially a bicycle with an electric motor attached to the bottom bracket or on the front wheel which helps you with your pedalling. Electric bicycles can also include a digital display that allows you to switch between lower or higher amounts of speed as you go. 

What is the difference between e-bikes and other motorized vehicles?

For the electric side to work, you have to pedal for the motor to kick in and electric bikes are restricted by law to go no faster than 15.5mph (25kph). These restrictions mean you don't need a license, or to tax and insure it like you would a scooter.

Is using an e-bike still healthy or is that cheating?

Using an e-bike is certainly still classed as being healthy. If we’re talking technicalities, any time you go out on a bike or an e-bike your heart rate will increase. You’ll continue to breathe deeper as you pedal and accelerate which leads to burning calories. However, the level of pedalling will be totally up to you as eBikes have different assistance levels that vary the amount of power the motor provides. If you haven’t ridden a bike for years, and you’re worried you’re too out of shape for cycling, then you can start off using a higher assistance level and build up stamina gradually. Similarly, if you’re a very keen cyclist, but you find yourself running out of puff on longer hills, then an electric bike could give you the reassurance of back up, should you need it, on longer rides.

How heavy are electric bikes?

An e-bike can be up to 10kg heavier than a standard bike. This is to provide room for the extra components that help assist your ride. For example, our WAU bike comes in three classes, the 219kg suited to all bike enthusiasts, the 24kg agile enough for the commuter and the 21kg which is perfect for the leisure rider to soar through to their day to day duties at the pleasure of the WAU bike. 

How much does the WAU Bike cost?

The million-dollar question! Here at WAU, we have carefully selected our pricing according to the ebikes capabilities.
Depending on your preference, our initial 40-mile range starts at £1797 which is perfect for your casual riders, however, if you’re looking for alternative transport to commute to then the 100- mile range will be most suited to your needs which are priced at £2297 and if you’re looking to use your WAU bike more regularly and would like more range, we offer the 215-mile at £2899 which includes the additional rear back battery.
In conclusion, here at WAU, we are very excited about the future of electric bikes in the United Kingdom and in Europe. Here at WAU, we continue to push the boundaries with performance, looks, and design to enable you to give you the correct experience of an electric bike.
if you would like more information about the exclusive WAU bike please contact us today. 


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